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Official game thread Falcons Jets?

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Just now, 2_legit_2_legit_2_quit said:

He was upright and untouched when he made that throw. Gage had to hang back and now his season might be done. Receivers have to wait on a lot of Ryan's throws.

“a lot”

Do a spreadsheet on all QBs on this and have it in percentage of throws then come back. We’ll wait.


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What happened to all the panic about the defense not being able to stop anything? 

Our QB is amazing.

Overreactions and panic validation. I guess I’m just a homer.

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3 minutes ago, Lord Sarcomere said:

I'm not going to dispute what you're saying, because I agree.

But you have to keep in mind that this is Ryan's first live action of the season. Game speed is just inherently different than practice speed. 

Again, receivers had top wait on ryan's passes a lot last year during the season. It's not new. 

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OL is still missing some pieces like Alex Mack, Carpenter, and our 31st draft pick. They will get better by the time the season starts and more in sync. 

Matt Ryan looked good even he was rushed most of the times. Julio didn’t play neither did I see Sanu. Freeman only played during two or three snaps. 

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Just now, AllStarHandyMan said:

He missed 2 blitz pick ups.. he didnt get over in time. Rookie learning mistake... the last drive looked like he was doing a **** good job watching for it. 


Looks to be a very fast learner and hard on himself to improve 

It’s not just him, the communication on OL is going to be bad with out prep. Gregg Williams is a scum bag who does it in preseason.

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