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Official game thread Falcons Jets?

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What happened to all the panic about the defense not being able to stop anything? 

Our QB is amazing.

Overreactions and panic validation. I guess I’m just a homer.

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3 minutes ago, MD-FalconFan13 said:

It amuses me that you guys keep in your rose colored glasses even in the face of evidence. The Defense got bullied by a sub par offense and the offense got beat up by a good DLine. 

That's the only conclusion from the first 2 drives. 

Not saying it's the end of the world, but it's not a good sign. And theres no way to intelligently interpret it as one

Welp, defense just got a three and out with a sack by Vic. I guess that's a great sign and we're going 0-16 now? 

Yep let's jump to conclusions using just one drive as evidence...

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Just now, WhenFalconsWin said:

You didn't watch the last 6 games of last season then. 

I did. His technique didn’t change and Takk was responsible for a few of those that Beasley cleaned up

but there’s been a change and this is very encouraging because it’s a new development for him

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