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Falcons Claim QB/WR Danny Etling


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Think about it Sims is our third quarterback maybe this guy will challenge him and he's also someone we can stash away on the practice squad. He didn't cost much the only negative I could possibly have about him is the last cuts it may be a quarterback out there that we can actually use or maybe better but it's not over till it's over.

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14 minutes ago, PokerSteve said:

If he's going to be used as an option type change-of-pace QB and makes the 53, who just lost their spot on the team with this move?

I don't think anyone.  I thought with the IR'd players we were below 90...but not 100%.


Yeah, that's what it looks like online as well...


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54 minutes ago, vel said:

Check that out. They probably tried to trade Saubert for Etling straight up, but the Pats didn't bit so they took a conditional 7th instead and still got Etling. Lol funny. 

I think it is the opposite...  I think the Pat's wanted Saubert straight up for Etling and we said no..  so we ended up with a conditional 7th and Etling..  the Pat's got Saubert.  Seems a little too convenient that we trade Saubert to them and then they release a guy we wanted.  

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32 minutes ago, pa_falcon_fan said:

I would rather get Pats castoffs than Jags castoffs. 

Well so far the pats castoffs have not been good.

The jags castoffs were actually pretty solid.

Brian Williams did good things for a year or 2

Mike P brought alot to the team

Stupar was a great ST guy.


Compare them with Richards............yikes



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