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Braves @ Marlins


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New day. Hoping last nights game can be like the Red Sox game last year where the bullpen imploded. 

We are still a very good team and can compete with anyone. Let's win today and put yesterday behind us.

I also love the fire from Newk, but wish he could show it in a more non-destructive way

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10 minutes ago, UGABOZ said:

especially ones that can throw 25 more pitches but its happens too often and if you disagree then cool

Oh I agree he’s sometimes got a quick trigger finger.. but sometimes it’s for a viable reason.. like yesterday, we finally had a scoring opportunity late (which we did score)

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2 minutes ago, UGABOZ said:

yes but then backfired 

At some point, the bullpen has to do their job right? 

Kinda like other sports.. say football.. receiver missed a pass.. are you not gonna look his way again? Or are you gonna show the trust and go right back to them?

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