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When can the Falcons get rid of Matt Ryan?


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I'm still salty that Benkert got hurt and is out all season. He's our best QB I think he just needs time to play. I'm so tried of Matt Ryan, he's not a great/elite QB he's in a good team that makes him look better.


Yes he has good stats, but you know why? Because he's a stat padder. He puts up all these great numbers that make him look amazing, but he doesn't when it doesn't count. When it's crunch time and we need him to rally and win the game he folds up like a lawn chair. Case and point, taking the sack in the Superbowl knocking us out of field goal range when a he needed to do was throw the ball away.


I can't wait for the Falcons to get rid of Ryan, he holds us back in my opinion. I low-key wish it was Matt Ryan who got hurt so that Benkert, the young guy, could have been given a chance.

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