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Thank You Uncle Arthur - Preseason and Health (Also Julio tidbit)


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Saw this just now and went "THANK YOU".  AB knows what's important this time of year...

"Mr. Blank discussed Julio not playing in the preseason.

"He’s not playing in the preseason; we need to keep him healthy,” Blank said. “It’s important for our fans to remember a lot of success is getting to the starting line healthy. Julio is physically in great shape and mentally he’s in great shape as well.”


I know this won't change the minds of the "Preseason is important, they need their reps!" crowd, but it was nice to see our owner acknowledging what many here echo in that it's much more important to get to the games that count as healthy as you can be as opposed to losing people during games that don't count.

He also mentions this regarding Julio and his contract which I thought was interesting.  Perhaps the deal isn't as done as we all thought...

“He’s an extraordinary player, his achievements are amazing,” Blank said. “There’s no question he’s going to be the highest paid player in league. He knows how we feel about him, he has trust in me and I have trust in him. So it’s just a matter of time.

"We’ve started the process but until his agent is ready to sit down and start that process in a serious way, but we’re in a good place with him.”

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Would honestly be okay with less (or no) preseason games, but in our case I do understand that it is a good time to evaluate the 3rd and 4th string.

TD said JJ was gonna get paid and now Blank says he's gonna get paid. Julio is in camp and isn't worried about it.

So lets just get ready and focus for the opener with Minny and pray for no more injuries.


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5 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Receivers don’t win championships. If we cut Julio, we likely win the next 5 Super Bowls....minimum 

With the money saved by trading or cutting Julio, we could buy the entire state of Wyoming.  Or more importantly save it should we ever want to!  Thanks, Dimi!

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