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August 2019 UGA Recruiting Thread

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Scrimmage Notes: Injuries: Swift and Justin Young were dressed out and running on the sidelines all of practice. Nakobe Dean was also dressed out but didn't participate nor did he run on the side

Zachary Evans has just been Fonged to the Dawgs

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14 minutes ago, Bdawg58 said:

As of right now, Tank is going to Auburn. Unless the staff is ready to give up on Evans. I’m uneasy about this 

My mind is unchanged... Not a loss if he goes to Auburn in my eyes. I reserve the right to retract my statement if his senior film is markedly different than everything else, but he just doesn't have the level of elusiveness that you would expect out of a 5* back. I'd rather miss on a second back altogether and take a better best player available... Don't get me wrong, I'd like Evans, or to flip Lloyd or similar, but I just don't have Bigsby in my top 5 or really even 10 RBs based on skillset.

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A person on the other site said this, and I thought it was interesting.

Despite all of Tank's talk about wanting to play with another top back, he backed of SC once they got Lloyd and us once we got Milton. 

Were those the only factors there?

No, of course not, and I'm not saying they were, but it is worth considering that maybe Tank is more interested in being the main back in whatever class he joins than has been thought.

Again, just thought it was an interesting consideration

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Also, it has just never felt like UGA/McGee  were Gaga for Tank, for whatever reason.

UGA treated Bigsby like that girl you string along for the midnight booty call but you have no desire to be seen with her in daylight hours.   Ain't mad at Tank no matter what he does.

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1 minute ago, mike teevee said:

The timing of the messages today on twitter make me think it isn’t Tank. My guess is Tank said he wanted to commit, the coaches said they weren’t ready, this showed Evans he was the priority, Milton closed the deal this afternoon. 




Ooooor it is Tank and that is great too :lol:

:lol: Is kind of funny really...…..just hope for the best outcome for our Dawgs! 

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