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Falcons Sign QB Matt Simms

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You gotta be ******* kidding me

Benkert better make the team.

Or we put Benkert on IR, still on roster but doesn't count against the 53

13 minutes ago, 4dabirds said:

Everything about this signing seems bad. It might mean that Benkert can't return; which in turn tells me we are stuck with Schaub and his geriatric play. I understand that Simms has some time here, but he stinks. 

I think Quinn's hope is that Schaub can play the same role that he's played since 2016.... bench warmer.

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1 hour ago, falconidae said:

You mean the tweet where he has major in quotation marks and is just outright speculating that signing Simms means that the injury is serious?

Find out soon enough, still might just mean that Benkerts going to miss a week or two.

Let's just hope so, but toe injury can linger for months.

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2 hours ago, socalriseup said:

Are you f'ing kidding me. NOOOOO this dude is complete trash. Why not bring back torgersen  or renfree? **** any bum is better than this guy. God I hope benkert is healthy for season start. I think I jinxed this move ughhh.

Preseason is going to be reallllly difficult to watch now. We will have no offense at all

Bruh you seriously want Suck Renfree back?

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10 minutes ago, shockerfalcon said:

With JJ massive contract looming who did y’all really expect us to sign? Better to bring in a guy that is familiar with the offense at this point. Bringing Simms back may mean they don’t expect Benkert to miss much time and Simms is just a placeholder until he returns this preseason

I like your assessment of the situation. Otherwise I just can't get my head around Simms coming back. Too bad they couldn't let Sanu be the back-up for that two or three weeks.

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I don’t know that I really see the issue here. Benkert is our developmental QB and he’s hurt and will now most likely be put on IR. From there we all know Schaub’s the backup so the backup to the backup may as well at least know how to run the offense correctly for the rest of the guys we’re developing on offense. 

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