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Do you think the Broncos are a super bowl contender?

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Just now, Falcons Fan MVP said:

I don't know how. Since the Falcons are a super bowl contender we always have to look at who our possible opponent will be. Or at least I do.

You have to make playoffs to be a superbowl contender.

Its gonna be long season and you cant take anyone for granted especially,  those Browns.

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1 hour ago, Big_Dog said:

Their D had us figured out from the start.

It's not hard, especially this early in the preseason.  Defenses are always light years ahead of the offenses and we have a new OC and he isn't scheming and there were zero starters out there sans the rook.

Don't place too much stock in what you saw last night, good or bad.

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14 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

They do have everything else though, if Gordon stays anyway. Having a top 10 player or even multiple at every level can help cover those weaknesses. Maybe not come playoff time, but regular season. 

That's cool but they can still be ran over

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