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Your WAY too early easy cuts after the first preseason game


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1. Alex Gray. Don't care what program he's a part of. Dude is my age and has yet to contribute any stat even in the preseason in his 4th year. Q is letting this guy live the dream by travelling the country for free wearing Falcons gear and can't do anything on the field. Get him out of here.

2. Sean Harlow. Dude looked like a turnstile out there and was constantly getting bowed over.

3. Matt Schaub. His arm looks exactly the way TJ Yates did in his final year. I don't think he can throw the ball 35 yards and looked scared ****less back there.

NOTE: This is the best I've ever seen our backups look in the preseason, particularly at linebacker. There is no way Duke Riley makes this team if Grace, Phillips, Crawford continue to improve. Riley also looked a bit out of shape when the camera was on him before kickoff.

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Got blown up a bit early. Also w Stocker here it opens a spot for another RB. It’s more about the overall roster than not liking Ortiz. He didn’t really show anything, just did enough.

Gonna have a hard decision to make there because whoever cut cut won’t last on PS. Free, Ito, Oli, Hill, Barner...can only keep 4 tops IMO. Poor kid from Oregon has no shot just because the the roster he is on.

also really deep at WR...roster spots gonna be really valuable this year.

i admit I only watched 2-3 qtrs.

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Harlow would be the only one I would be super prejudicial with.  This is his third go and he looks as raw as he did in 2017.   The people who left negative impressions would include:

  • John Wetzel 
  • Alex Gray 
  • Marcus Green (hate putting him on this list but can't put ball on ground)
  • Matt Schaub 
  • Eric Saubert 


  • Bosher  (seemed to be some kind of orders to keep the ball in play for both teams but I don't expect it to improve when the orders are off)
  • Georgio (it looked short rather than wide and we know he has a strong leg...mulligan)
  • Zacchaeus (muff punt but "almost" had two really nice grabs)
  • Causey (got called for a PI on 4th down at end of game that I thought was ticky tack at best)
  • Ryan Neal (50/50 ball and he got beat but he had position and made a play on the ball...A for effort tho)
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5 hours ago, mtldirtybird said:

why the DC?...the D made a bunch of plays and the DEN offense didn't make 1 nice play except the final TD.

DQ hater?

Pretty sure he was joking since the head coach Dan Quinn would have to fire the DC Dan Quinn lol

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