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Benkert shows FAR MORE than Schaub


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2 minutes ago, falcon1fan said:

how would Ryan's job not be safe if he were the backup.  There is no universe where Benkert would replace Ryan as the starting qb for the Atlanta Falcons


1 minute ago, Panda said:

I hope you are joking.

He is, that's a long running joke on the board from when someone said Shockley was being held back to keep Ryan happy.

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- Good Zip

- Good Decision Making (other than the almost fumble)

- Mobility

He had a few passes that were slightly high but catchable.. but dropped

#7 dropped a beauty inside the 10 that lead to a punt. Also on the missed FG he dropped a pass across the middle that would have given us a 1st. He sucks.

He holds the ball too long at times but he definitly is going through his reads and making mostly smart throws.

Benkert in 4 drives should have had 13-17 points. Not bad at all.

Want to see him facing better competition and having better players he is throwing to & protecting him. 

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5 minutes ago, Yo_Lover said:

Benkert has a way stronger arm than Ryan dude, he will be the top guy.


3 minutes ago, Jesus said:

Stronger arm and wheels. He might be better than Locker. Time to move on from Ryan 

I am curious to see how many guys are going to take all of this seriously! :lol:

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