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Braves @ Nationals

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2 hours ago, Unkn0wn said:

Riley is the real reason we're looking at the OF market. He needs to go back to AAA and we all got a glimpse of how good this offense is with a big bat in LF.

That's exactly right. And we shouldn't do a half-measure here. The most dramatic way to improve this team at the deadline is to bring in a stud hitter. Our pitching sucks, but so does everybody else's. When Riley was on fire, this offense was historic. That's how we differentiate ourselves. 

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8 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

I don't care that it's only preseason, I'm so ready for Falcons football on Thursday and thankfully I'm off so I can watch it.

^^^^^ Me too!!! As of late I'm getting tired of watching bad pitching one night, bad offense the next night, then bad offense and bad pitching the next....with an occasional good game thrown in there. And..... only against lower tiered pitchers, God forbid facing a good pitcher. Hopefully things will change soon, but ****....come on football!!

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