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Bobby Wagner 3yr 54mil


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Just now, Yo_Lover said:

Sir bro sir, you don't know what you're talking about. Debo is now the third highest paid LB sir, so he is in fact sir, not a steal sir bro sir.

I like sir bro sir.


It's respectful without making the recipient feel like they're old.


It's like a knighting for an elder millennial.

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15 minutes ago, Jpowers said:

It's almost like the FO knows what they are doing.

Who’d have thought resigning all these extensions to near top $$$$$ and adding other talent.

The devoted few can only come up with now that we can do the above we can’t keep everyone lol.Seriously I don’t know what to say anymore.A month ago the devoted few were saying we couldn’t do this or that.Im like yeah of course we can’t and then the FO go do it.

Yep they no what there doing.

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