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Royals @ Braves


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16 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

What analytics are you speaking of. I want to know this. Also, why hasn't Sean Newcomb been given a shot to do jack **** on this team? Amazing he pitches so little. Game on the line and we use Wes Parsons? Brian Snitker is such a dumb***.

I'm mainly speaking about quality of contact numbers. I can't pull the numbers off the back with Swarzak in a Braves uniform only but I've been told that it's better but not better than Luke's. On the full season though:

Luke Jackson: xwOBA: .259

Anthony Swarzak: xwOBA: .311

This metric hates on hard contact given up by the pitcher as the gist of it, even if the soft/medium hit balls are falling consistently. It's probably this that is paid attention to the most by the team (which is why Sean probably gets the next crack if there's not a trade), but it's all the numbers that don't really like Swarzak as much as he might've shown as a Brave. 

Edit: Well color me surprised, he's been getting hit harder lately to likely cause it but Swarzak's xwOBA before tonight is factored in is lower than Luke's slightly at .246.

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Looks like they're coming back to ground. They touched 600 but unfortunately they don't look like a 600 ball club. Can just hope they don't settle too low. They need some pitching help. And even though it's not going to happen, they do need more consistent hitting. This sleeping through 6 to 7 innings most of the time just isn't going to cut it in the long run, as we can see of lately.

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Braves will call up Jeremy Walker today. Walker was a 5th round pick in 2016. Walker has split time with AA and AAA this year. He has a 2.84 ERA in 69.2 IP, 71 K, 8 BB. Walker gets groundballs. Over 50% of his outs are on the ground. Hes also allowed 1 HR in those 69 innings. Braves need a guy that can come in and get a double play. Snitker thought Parsons would be able to that last night but it didnt work. Another move will happen today because Walker is not on the 40 man roster.

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