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Bennett broke his ankle...out indefinitely

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Just now, Caddieman said:

The only good thing is it happened day one of camp. He might only miss about 3 or 4 weeks of the season 

The other good thing, potentially, is I wonder if this ups the Allen Bailey stock.

Also it depends on the severity of the break.  Hopefully it's a clean break, with no ligament damage, so he can be back asap.

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16 minutes ago, GhostofGritz said:

Wonder if this increases the chances that Hageman will stick.

I don't think it changes it honestly. Bennett was just as fringe as Hageman, if not more. I think Hageman's is truly based on his football shape. If he's anywhere close to football shape by the fifth PS game, he's making the roster. 

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10 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:


I like both Aaron and Matt, but Aaron is being ridiculous projecting Bennett had a shot at starting in base. That was not happening. Grady will start at 3T before Bennett even sniffed being active on gamedays. You've got Grady, Senat, Crawford, and Davison. Tell me where Bennett sees playing time? He only got playing time last year after Grady hurt his ankle. 

Geez, I get we've been waiting on football for a long time, but the knee jerk reactions to this injury are.....whatever. 

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