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Saban, Alabama need to stop making excuses and give Clemson credit.


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This isn't really newsworthy to me either because everyone does it. They've given Clemson credit for showing up plenty of times. As far as the excuses go, every team and every fan base is does this as Yo said (we didn't show up against Texas).

Ultimately, I would want Georgia and Kirby to come out after a loss and say there were things we failed at or didn't do our best on. We believe we were the better team but we didn't do our best. We're going to address our issues and come out better next game. Being able to channel thoughts and emotions after a loss into correctable problems within a program is a lot more productive than saying the other team is just better. I don't care who UGA plays or how good the other team is. We should be focused on Georgia and how to make Georgia better. Internal competition and measuring your program against itself is what Kirby and Saban preach so I don't have a problem with them saying it publicly.

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