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McGary is a DAWG!!

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Watching ESPNU Top 25 College Football game between Washington and Auburn, and it looks like we got ourselves a “Dawg” for the right end of our O-line. Big, Nimble, and NASTY!!! The Big fella doesn’t let up. Time after time, he washed out the 1st defender he engages, and moves quickly to throw a 2nd block on the second level of the defense. 

I’m already a big fan.


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I really hope McGary can play to the potential he did display a fair bit in college.   He has many moments where he looks like an absolute beast when he hits clean and on combo.  Moves well too but his tape also showed him missing/side-swiping blocks more than I like and yes I know it's been explained but it's still weird seeing him chasing / lunging at pass rushers around the arc.

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4 hours ago, FuhRealDoh said:

False.  Sorry man they’re not.  They’re dogs.  Dawgs wear red and black

There's another team with the name "Bulldogs" in the same conference. Georgia shares an identical logo with Grambling, and lifted the logo all together from the  Green Bay Packers (the origin of the 'G'). 

Let's get off our high horse, and stop laying ridiculous claims surrounding a program that can't beat Alabama. 

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