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E. T.

Nats @ Braves

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1 minute ago, LouDog said:

Pitch count is up there already

I've had this exact thought in every game of the series so far. (In fact we've scored first every game so far I think):sadwave:


We got to keep pouring it on

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10 hours ago, tl;dr said:

It's a marathon not a sprint. Yeah it sucks that we have had a meh week, but splitting with the Nats would be okay in my book. Their schedule is about to get a lot tougher and ours lightens up after July.

I hate that we have to have these down slumps in season, but they happen

It’s hard not to look at these games in the time frame as a football season.  Now if it were the final 2 weeks, I’d have these games under a microscope. 

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3 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

Someone please tell me where can I get that training shirt Ozzie had on when they showed him doing fielding drills with Ron Washington 

That was awesome. Was thinking the same. 

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