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YT content creator and TwitFace Lord posts video to label Ryan a system QB

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2 minutes ago, FenixFalcon said:

I dont care that hes been good for 6 season....has he been the best every season? Even top 3? No

LMFAO I see that reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. I already stated he wasn’t the best, even stated that both Jones and Brown were better than him. But it was a nice attempt at a strawman argument. 

Based on your response, I’m guessing you don’t watch too much football outside of the Falcons. Hopkins was definitely a top 3 WR last season, and arguably the best overall WR of that year. He was also a top 3 WR for the 2017 and 2015 NFL seasons. And for the 2015 NFL season he had Hoyer throwing to him. 

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