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23 Million In CAP: How Will TD Use It

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4 hours ago, vel said:

It's this thing called....math. 

We had about ~$7MM in cap space before the deal. = $7MM
Erase Grady's franchise tag number = $15MM
That equals $22MM.

Depending on the source and OP's liberal rounding, $23MM isn't incorrect. 

I thought your response was:

“It’s a thing called.....meth.” 

I was racing to the like button too :)

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To answer the OP’s question, now that we know Grady’s new cap hit...it all depends on how they want to structure the contracts coming due in house first.

There is some benefit to cap rollover for a year, but you may need to use some available space in season so it’s kept open for that purpose.

If want to sign Bailey it might not work for 2019, unless a 1 year price for him came way down, AND Julio’s deal lowered his 2019 cap hit a decent amount as well.

TL;DR it depends now on Debo’s new deal structure and everything else falls into place off that for 2019 uses...

Bailey or DL help would be nice. They may opt to keep space open for needs that arise during the season instead. Like other extensions; Hoop etc.

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