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Under 24 hours to sign Grady - Is it gonna happen?


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2 hours ago, schwarzenegger321 said:

It's completely on point.  You cannot ignore the data even if you don't like it.  Belechick wins because he doesn't follow the same old broken model that everyone else uses.  All arguments are completely moot, when you have 100% correlation with a cause and empirical data external to the correlation to prove the hypothesis.  We almost won in 2016 and I will point out that we did not have a single max contract player on the team on offense and Free was still on his rookie deal, Julio was underpaid relative to position, Matthews was on a rookie contract, Ryan hadn't signed his deal yet, Sanu wasn't in the top ten WR and on and on.  We had decent depth on that team and a ton of good rookies.  There are teams that consistent preach that they must re-sign there top talent and hand out these contracts and then promptly loose.  It happens 100% of the time, every year and there is not one example of an exception.  The one team that does not do this and has won consistently in NE.

You want to know the best way to win a Super Bowl.  Stop paying top three value contracts to your offensive skill players, trade them for draft picks, draft wisely, sign reliable middle of the road players with something to prove, have a good defense and a very good offensive line and coach well.  Every other model fails 100% of the time.

Only problem with that is only one team and one HC/GM has been able to do that. They're a true outlier. If you can't find any other team that has succeeded with that formula, then it's a true statistical anomaly.

And, while the facts are accurate, they're also a very small sample size. The extreme numbers for QBs, for example, have only been around for a few years. You can say, completely accurately, for example, that no QB making 30 mil a year has won a super bowl, but that's a sample size of 3 total QB years out of the last possible  62 QB years [ last 2 years, 1 QB year a team]. 

And, the only thing that statistics show us is that hasn't happened yet. By that logic, the Falcons will never win a super bowl because statistics show they haven't won one yet. 

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2 hours ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Apparently Grady....TD likely offered it to him and he was like...."nah, I'm good but 17.5 sounds solid."

This is my favorite thing about the signing. Because he signed for 17 means he didn't want 20+ and never asked for it. Lol

It's like if I posted my laptop for $250 and sold it for $200, doesn't mean I didn't want $$250 just means I negotiated with whoever bought it.

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