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D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms

They're gonna be so surprised when we put up ~42 ppg.

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2 hours ago, 007dawg said:

Smh these kids want to take their ball and go home if they don’t start as a Freshman.  Not sure this is the case but sounds like it.  

I seriously doubt that is it.

Give these kids some credit.  Robinson saw he was, at best, #4 of the Freshmen behind Burton, Rosemy and Arian - couple that with Pickens with at least one more year and Dom - the kid figured out maybe too much of a long shot with our depth chart to get serious playing time for another 2 years - at least another one year.

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4 hours ago, RandomFan said:

Justin Robinson's dad pretty much confirming on another board that his son is the "shocking" WR that we will be losing to the portal soon (before January for early enrollment spots). Good luck to the kid. Just didn't work out for whatever reason, but his dad has always been super cool and doesn't seem upset on the way out. 

Right and don't forget, sometimes transfers have absolutely nothing to do with football. She wears makeup, always nice and is a freak but when you get married you find out 10 things about her that drives you crazy. How long before one of those things make you hit the road??

Him this morning: 

Wait...I didnt say that was Justins experience. There are some kids there that have those experiences though.”

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Hopefully it's not JRob then. Several people sent him messages of condolence and wishing his son well in the future. He didn't correct them,  but apparently he just hadn't had time to respond yet.  

But the thing that irked me is his message was clear that sometimes these things don't work out for non football related reasons, yet several here instantly attacked JRob for football related reasons...

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7 hours ago, 95Dawg said:

yep there will be a bunch of guys leave who aren't seeing playing time.. we are also picking up a number of guys as well.. it's going to be a CRAZY offseason. 

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ROWE: What 2020 has taught us about Georgia's culture

ByJAKE ROWE 3 hours ago

Busy times are ahead for beat writers across the country. Transfer season is right around the corner and it has already started for Georgia. In a span of nine days, Dawgs247 learned of three players who plan to move on from the program -- redshirt freshman quarterback D'Wan Mathis, redshirt freshman wide receiver Makiya Tongue, and fourth-year junior wide receiver Trey Blount.

History tells us that there's more where those came from and the reaction from some national media, other fan bases and even a relative few who follow the UGA program will be, "what in the world is going on?"

You might also hear that statement's first cousin, "is Kirby Smart losing it?" or "are things that bad in Athens right now?" It'll almost be an example of confirmation bias in some cases, especially when it comes from rival fan bases, national media, and opinion writers. Georgia has recruited at an incredibly high level since Smart arrived with one SEC Championship and one playoff appearance to show for it in five years. Something must be wrong, right?

I'm not saying that UGA's program is without flaw. The Bulldogs have been in contention for the College Football Playoff into December in three of the past four years, but they haven't gotten over the hump. There's no shortage of things that need to improve. Georgia needs to field a more dynamic offense to compete with the best of the best. It has to finish when it leads in big games. Players and units that enter a season with high expectations need to do a better job of meeting said expectations. After a three-score loss to No. 1 Alabama and a two-score loss to No,. 6 Florida, UGA desperately needs a win in a big game. All of these things are true. Georgia isn't the best of the best right now. It isn't the standard.

But talk of culture problems should be silenced by what we're seeing right now. Smart may or may not be the guy to get Georgia where it hasn't been in 40 years, but the 2020 season has taught us a lot about what's going on inside the program. The Bulldogs had one opt out coming into the year and it was from a guy, Jamie Newman, who had been with the team for eight months. Newman was on campus, around teammates an coaches, for approximately half of that time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was nothing else until Mathis entered the transfer portal less than two weeks ago.

Junior nose tackle Jordan Davis and senior safety Richard LeCounte III are almost certainly headed to the NFL after this season. There's a good chance that both are taken in the first four rounds and both have been touted as potential first-round picks. When Davis went down with an elbow injury against Kentucky and LeCounte was involved in a dirt bike accident once the team returned home from that game, sustaining a concussion and rib injuries, would anyone have batted an eye if they had decided to end their UGA careers? Would anyone had blamed them if they had decided to get healthy and train for the NFL Draft? The answer to that question is a resounding "no."

Both are still with the program. Both are practicing and trying to put their ailments behind them. Both are getting closer and closer to returning to the football field. In a day and age where players are routinely sitting out non-playoff bowl games to protect their future interests, these two are working hard to return to the field in a season where the Bulldogs have nothing for which to play outside of love of the game and pride.

Maybe that says something about them and their competitive nature. Maybe it says something about how they feel about their teammates and the program. It more than likely says something about both. We may not get the opportunity to watch Davis or LeCounte play again this year, but the fact that they've gone through a single practice since suffering injuries is a statement in and of itself. 

According to Smart's comments on Tuesday, junior center Trey Hill could be joining those two. Hill has played this season with meniscus damage to one knee. When he had a similar injury in the other knee, he elected to have arthroscopic surgery on both to get completely healthy. When Dawgs247 first learned of the two procedures, I couldn't help but think he was getting healthy to train for the NFL Draft, but Hill is still with the program. He's still in the facility. Even when most, if not all, classes are online, Hill hasn't made the decision to move on train for the NFL Draft. Will he return at some point this season? No one knows the answer to that. Will he try? It appears so.

If anyone wants to argue that Georgia has underperformed the past few years, I wouldn't argue with them. The good far outweighs the bad but Smart was hired to win championships. He has one SEC title on his shelf in five years and that's it. His seat isn't hot or even warm, but it might get that way down the road if Georgia doesn't knock again at the door or get over the hump fairly soon. They don't hand out hardware for elite recruiting classes.

But when it comes to how things are being run and the culture within, there are real-time examples that should encourage those who want to see the program thrive. That's only part of the battle but it's a necessary part.

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