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D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms

Awesome stuff. Did you guys know that Ladd McConkey was taking college courses from a community college near his high school while he was a Junior and Senior and he already has his associates deg

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On 10/5/2020 at 8:41 PM, RandomFan said:

Saban? The guy that sat a more talented Tua behind Jalen Hurts all season until the national championship game "break glass in case of emergency" because Hurts was the more steady hand and knew the offense better? That Saban? LOL you really are off your rocker. 

BTW, Tua said later that he had every intention of transfering from Bama after that season...until he got inserted at halftime of the NC, and the rest is history. But I guess Saban would have just been another dumb Kirby if not for the blind luck he fell into, eh?

Only people that are clueless about coaching football fail to understand how big of a deal it is to a coach to be able to trust a player, especially the QB. Talent doesn't always win out, not when the player doesn't know the playbook or have enough experience to keep the team from being in a bad play before the snap or make bad decisions with the ball after the snap. 

But sure, keep blaming it on someone being an idiot because they didn't play the clearly more talented guy. Freaking Madden couch GMs.  

Spot on there bro. I find it weird that anyone who would come to a subset of a Falcon board and say that Saban would have pulled Fromm for Fields just because is... not in tune would be the best way to put in lightly?

Fromm had a photographic memory, and Fields could/would not learn the play book. That simple.

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Georgia has beaten Auburn and Tennessee in back-to-back weeks. Don't think that has happened before. But I know we'll never see a Georgia team hold the Tigers and Vols to a combined 38 yards on 49 carries. That's less than 1 yard per attempt. Just mind-boggling in the SEC.
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21 hours ago, mike teevee said:

It was from a guy on another board, with a claimed friend in the program, who has a decent history of being right

...but yeah, like I clearly said, it is just a rumor. I never claimed it to be a fact. Just passing along info I saw. 

Sorry man I just pissed off that some dumb*** (not you) comes along every year and stirs up drama with some fake news and everyone and their brother runs to one of their sites and claims their "friend" gave them some inside info that is blatantly false.

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1 hour ago, fuego said:

Wow. Just noticed that GA only dropped to #4 in both polls. ND passed them to #3.

And Joey Galloway and Jesse Palmer on College Football Final on ESPN kept us at #3. That may change next week with Ohio State playing next week while we have a bye. Joey and Jesse are not ranking teams that haven't played yet. AP and Coaches poll does. They have Ohio State at #5.

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1 hour ago, The Great American said:

Notre Dame at #3 is a joke in a normal year.  It probably is this year.

Definitely agree with this.  They were very close to losing this past weekend at home to Louisville and barely eked that one out.  If ND were to make playoff, they would get smoked game one without a doubt by any of the likes of Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, UGA

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