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D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms

Awesome stuff. Did you guys know that Ladd McConkey was taking college courses from a community college near his high school while he was a Junior and Senior and he already has his associates deg

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According to my sources UGA tested their team (Covid) and complete staff and there were zero positives from test on Sunday. Also SEC starts the testing 3 times a week now by 3rd party so it is real that the season is near...

-Talked to Central HC Patrick Nix and he raved to me about Jackson Meeks. He thinks he is going to put up big time stats all season despite teams starting to double team him.

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5 hours ago, SacFalcFan said:

matt stinchcomb believes Mathis is the starter and if so that would be a tremendous comeback story.. You had a player who was possibly close to having to give up football to starting for UGA.  

I betboth play the major snaps. If we blow out Arkansas.  We see Daniels get more then Beck.  I want Beck to get real snaps.    

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1 hour ago, usmcdirtybird said:

I betboth play the major snaps. If we blow out Arkansas.  We see Daniels get more then Beck.  I want Beck to get real snaps.    

Not sure we are going to see Daniels at all.  There is some thought he is in 3rd place in the QB battle. 

For those that don't keep up at DawgNation, SoFL put it better than I can:

5:40AM edited 5:40AM

Here’s something that’s interesting to consider.

We’ve heard that Dwan will start. Players feel that way at least. Last 1.5 weeks of practice are strong indicators as well.

However, also some chatter that Beck looks the best and Monken especially likes how he “sprays the ball all over the field.”

Limiting factor is the OL and we’ve struggled in pass pro this fall camp and practice. Is that more of our defense or the OL? TBD.

Feeling within the program is that some feel Dwan and others feeling Beck. Speculation is as the OL comes along in pass pro, Beck may be more attractive long term because of his arm talent, accuracy, while still offering mobility at the QB position. Dwan today is more apt at mitigating porous pass pro. Something to keep in back pocket as season progresses.

Daniels still not being talked about speaks volumes here.

He has mentioned it multiple times that Daniels is trying to step up and be a vocal leader and take charge of the team, but it's just not happening for him and actually starts rubbing some people the wrong way.  

He's never said the reason,  being diplomatic about it.  But reading between the lines it seems because players know who gives them the best chance to win, and they don't feel that is Daniels. Hard to be the leader when nobody will follow you.  


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I picked up Mathis the other day on a hunch and some info passed along that he was looking better and better. That young man has one helluva story if he battles through this competition and comes out the starter. I was sky high on his potential when he flipped from Ohio State and so disappointed for him when his health issues came up. I will be happy with whoever takes the starting job, but I’m rooting hard for Dwan. He’s a great kid, super hungry and I’m excited for him after all the work he has done to get back. 

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4 hours ago, Carter said:

I picked up Mathis the other day on a hunch and some info passed along that he was looking better and better. That young man has one helluva story if he battles through this competition and comes out the starter. I was sky high on his potential when he flipped from Ohio State and so disappointed for him when his health issues came up. I will be happy with whoever takes the starting job, but I’m rooting hard for Dwan. He’s a great kid, super hungry and I’m excited for him after all the work he has done to get back. 

Wish him well and an amazing story of perseverance regardless!

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What D'Wan Mathis overcame to be Georgia's likely QB1

ByCHRIS HUMMER Sep 21, 11:47 AM

D'Wan Mathis and those close to him heard the chatter. The former four-star prospect was not going to factor into Georgia's future plans. The Bulldogs signed All-American Carson Beck in the 2020 class. Five-star passer Brock Vandagriff would arrive in 2021. Jamie Newman came to campus as a grad transfer from Wake Forest, preventing a true quarterback competition this fall.

Then the shocker: Former five-star JT Daniels picked Georgia as his transfer destination, bringing three years of eligibility with him.

“When JT transferred in everyone said, ‘Man, is this a sign?’” Mathis’ longtime QB coach Donovan Dooley told 247Sports. “We don’t see things that way. D’Wan doesn’t see things that way.”

How could he?

Mathis, a redshirt freshman, experienced more the last two years than most will in a decade. It began with a diagnosis. Headaches and sinus pain plagued Mathis last spring. After a few checkups and X-Rays, doctors identified a brain cyst and told Mathis he needed emergency brain surgery.

D'Wan had company in the hospital. His dad, Terence, had been in and out of the hospital back home in Michigan. Dooley was, too. The 35-year-old Quarterback University founder fought a rare form of cancer, the youngest person by two decades in his treatment center.

Dooley continued to work out throughout his battle. Mathis had no choice but to do the same.

“We push through,” Dooley said. “Never going to complain.”

As Georgia barrels toward its season opener Saturday with Arkansas (4 p.m. ET, SEC Network), Mathis has positioned himself as the Bulldogs’ likely starting quarterback. Dawgs247 reported last week Mathis had earned many of the reps with the 1s, and former Georgia quarterback and CBS analyst Aaron Murray told 247Sports he expects Mathis to win the job. Daniels is not yet fully cleared for game action, though Kirby Smart said Monday he "expects" it to happen. 

When Greg Carter, Mathis’ head coach at Oak Park High School, spoke to his former star pupil recently, he made sure to stress one thing above all else: “You’re a fighter.”

“Competing through the quarterback battle was something he was ready for,” Carter said.

“He’s On A Different Level Now”

Carter saw Mathis throw for the first time as a little leaguer. The Michigan High School Hall of Fame coach watched Mathis toss out routes from the opposite hash and deliver strikes on comeback routes with ease. “He could throw the football, there was never a doubt,” Carter said.

Physically, Mathis is a specimen. 

Standing 6-foot-6 with the grooved throwing motion of someone who’s worked with Dooley since age 11, Mathis looks the part. Even his 205-pound frame is misleading. He’s thin, but Carter insists its wiry strength. That length comes with speed. Mathis posted a 10.84-second 100-meter dash time in high school, pairing that with solid horizontal quickness (4.34-second 20-yard shuttle) and a 32-inch vertical.

Yet there were times college recruiters hinted Mathis should play wide receiver. Dooley said it never occurred overtly – nobody wanted to lose the nation’s No. 311 overall prospect, per the 247Sports Composite – but it hung over many conversations. Perhaps that’s because Mathis wasn’t immediately sold on quarterback. A younger Mathis didn’t appreciate the nuances of the game. He dominated athletically, why bother with checks, protections and coverages?

That changed Mathis’ senior year. He started to embrace the responsibility, leading Oak Park to a 9-2 overall record and completing 63 percent of his passes. The real transformation would come during his freshman season. Not yet cleared to play following his surgery, Mathis turned an eye toward the mental side of the game, sitting in the same meeting room each week with Jake Fromm. He embraced the demands Georgia’s pro-style offense placed upon him.

When Mathis came home to work with Dooley this offseason, his football vocabulary had ballooned. Mathis discussed protections and checks with practiced repetition. He understood when he’s supposed to work the boundary or the field based on the defense’s alignment. Dooley saw a quarterback who had evolved. 

“He’s on a different level right now,” Dooley said. “He’s just understanding the whys and the whens.”

Mathis’ Role In Transforming Georgia’s Offense

While LSU and Alabama won national championships in recent years after pivoting to the spread, Georgia’s offense remained a plodding, pro-style system. After the Bulldogs finished just 46th nationally last season in yards per play – LSU and Alabama tied for second – Kirby Smart hired Todd Monken as offensive coordinator to modernize the offense.

Monken brings a hybrid Air Raid system to Athens, a scheme that prioritizes aggressive vertical routes and many spread principles. With plus arm strength and good touch, Mathis is plenty capable of making downfield throws to players like star receiver George Pickens.

His athletic ability can also open up the offense in a way no Bulldog passer has since … well, nobody in modern history.

“The game is changing,” Murray said. “What a quarterback can do is changing a little. It’s exciting. You love a guy that’s mobile and can do a little of everything. … It adds a really cool dynamic, especially with the zone read and RPO game that continues to get bigger and bigger at all levels. It’s great for Monken. It’s great for Georgia’s offense. And it’s tough for defenses.”

Murray, a four-year starter at Georgia from 2010-13, spends plenty of time around Athens. He met Mathis as a freshman a season ago. He knows what sort of arm talent Mathis has. But even he came away from a scrimmage earlier this fall camp a bit surprised by how well Mathis played. He thinks Mathis will beat out JT Daniels, and he speculates Mathis is part of the reason Newman decided to opt out of the 2020 season: “The timing was a little suspect.”

“The ball comes out of his hands effortlessly,” Murray said. “He’s very smooth. He has great mechanics. I think he’s the complete package. I really do. He has the running game and can make all the throws you want.”

Dooley spoke to Mathis about his doubters just last week. Mathis and those close to him know people wrote him off after the Bulldogs’ pair of offseason transfers. It may have even happened after Mathis missed most of his freshman season recovering.

When Daniels arrived on campus, Dooley told Mathis he needed to act like a professional. A player had been traded to Georgia. Compete. That’s what the last few years have bred Mathis to do.

“That’s the type of guy Georgia has behind center,” Dooley said. “He’s not going to complain. He’s going to push through.”

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He's claiming Fields incident (though not naming it so he can pretend it's not the same incident), and being pulled over by the cops a couple times as evidence for the racism at UGA, and implying (though not 100% claiming) it to be why he left UGA.

He's also claiming that he has texts showing he told Smart he wanted to leave mid last season, and claims that Smart told him to stay and not "quit" on his team, and that if he did, we would not block his waiver, and that he's learned we're now blocking it.

He also claims that Ole Miss is Sooo much better and understanding about all the race stuff, and that Kiffin is so much better about all of it too.


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First, let me say, as was said when Fields pulled this, is there racism in Athens? Sure. I'm sure there is. Was Reese or Fields exposed to more of it than at any other institution? I call BS. Does that make it OK? **** no. ANY racism is inexcusable and we need to work to end it, but the idea that Ole Miss of all freaking places is more understanding and has less of an issue than Athens? Yeah, that more BS

Second, if we told him we wouldn't block his waiver, and are anyway, yeah, I can't condone that, but without proof of being told we wouldn't, it's all heresay. You also probably should block waivers to in conference schools, for a multitude of reasons. As for him being told not to leave mid season? Uh yeah, any coach in college football would, and should push their kids not to do that. 

Next, this is a summarized take on this, so while I'm sure I'll get some from flack for some of this since this is a reaaaaally nuanced issue, and I basically should typed a few sentences, please understand that my own feelings are also more detailed than I have time to post here, and I don't want to just throw quick angry thoughts on a topic that deserves better.

Lastly, with all that said, this is BS. He wants a waiver approval to play this season, and Fields, who he references here to use for himself, has already proven that, in the current climate, if you say you're a victim of racism, it really doesn't matter if it's true, or how much you are a victim of it, the NCAA will immediately grant your waiver, because they don't want to be the villains in that story, and I'm sure they'll grant this.

These issues deserve better discussion than being a tactic used to get waivers.

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One last thing

We are still seeing the effects of Fields poisoning that locker room. It feels like the majority of the 2018 class, and maybe even a lot of the 2019 classes just had to be gutted to get rid of "his guys" and the bad attitudes that were fostered and left behind. I've tried very hard not to hold any bad feeling against Fields, as he did what he believed was best for him, but it's hard when constantly seeing how much he hurt this team from the inside. I get leaving, but do you have to light the building on fire on your way out?

Sorry, rant over

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