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D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms

Awesome stuff. Did you guys know that Ladd McConkey was taking college courses from a community college near his high school while he was a Junior and Senior and he already has his associates deg

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1 hour ago, Beef said:


If we bring in Newman and then Vandagriff next year, ya gotta think Carson is going to be demoralized and likely transfer.  Especially if Mathis gets back to 100% as he's much more of a dual-threat capable QB than Beck is, so he can probably keep the offense looking consistent after we move more towards a spread system with RPO elements.

Personally I think Beck is going to be pretty motivated to win the starting job.

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52 minutes ago, RandomFan said:

People can underestimate Beck at their own peril. I suspect he will be our starting QB no later than midseason. A taller, stronger armed, more mobile Jake Fromm? Yes please. 

Beck is a bad man. UF fans still POed about that. He even was threatened by grown men for choosing UGA over UF. 

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42 minutes ago, VA F.O. said:

Just as Beck has not played a single game in college, none of these transfer QBs have played a single down in the SEC, and certainly not UGA

Good things could come from either or not. Calling either player to win now is silly; let things play out

I know you're not new to how football forums work, so why are you acting like it, lol?

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Terrence Edwards Previews Jermaine Burton, Justin Robinson, and More

Blayne Gilmer

17 hours ago

Terrence Edwards knows receiver play and he also has a burning passion to share the knowledge he has acquired with student-athletes today. He was very gracious to give up some of his time and to answer questions about a variety of topics surrounding Georgia football and his endeavors. Check out the Q and A we had with the all-time great Dawg below.

Q: What inspired you to start TE WR Academy?

"I retired in 2013, from my playing days, and I was just trying figure out what to do with my life. I worked a few football camps, that I still currently work with. FBU, Football University. That kind of gave me passion to continue to teach this position. I just thought to myself really, I have all this knowledge of playing this position for 20 years, how selfish would it be to keep it to myself? So I just made the decision then thats what I wanted to do. Sitting and pondering what I wanted to do, and giving back to kids is what I came up with."

Q: Your Brother Robert just lead Riverwood High School to an undefeated regular season and had great success at Green County. How proud are you of what he is doing and did his venture into coaching impact your decisions to get involved?

"Yeah, I'm very proud of him and what he's done. First of he is a man of God and he really believes this is his calling, these kids' lives. I think he's proven that he's a great coach. He's turned that program around the last few years and its been remarkable to see him do that. But I don't think what he's done shaped my decision. I think working those camps and pondering what I wanted to do with my life after I retired, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to coach as well and teach this position on a daily basis and that's what I do right now."

Q: Have you ever gotten to coach with your brother and help him out on Friday nights?

"Well since I've been at Pace Academy for four years, I haven't really gotten to coach with him. Before I started coaching high school football, I was the one who kind of put his gameplans together for him during the week. He would cut the tape up and I would go over and look over it for him. So I was kind of an official coach when he was at Arlington Christian Academy. When I was retired and he was coaching he would send me all his gameplans and I would give it the yay or nay. So, I unofficially was his right hand man. So, even though I didn't coach with him, I coached with him."

Q: Recently you Tweeted out a raised hand emoji, in response to a Tweet about Georgia having a coaching opening. Is coaching in college something you aspire to do one day and what would it mean if the opportunity came to coach at Georgia?

"I do, I do. If the opportunity came, I would jump on it! It would be a dream come true to coach at my Alma Mater. I think Kirby is still living the dream to be able to coach at the school that he loves so dearly and where he played. So, I think it'd be a dream come true. Just getting to help the school that gave me my opportunity to play."

Q: Speaking of your school, your alma mater has signed several high profile receivers, and you just so happen to work with a couple in Jermaine Burton and Justin Robinson. How long have you been working with each of them?

"I started with Burton in the 7th grade and Robinson in the 8th grade."

Q: Jermaine Burton arrives in Athens this summer. When he starts practicing and playing with the Dawgs, what can the Georgia faithful expect to see out of him as a player?

"As a player, he brings a lot of different attributes to the table. When I first started training Jermaine in the 7th grade, after the first few workouts I told his mom, right then, you got you something special here! He's that special type of receiver! One thing that I really admire about his game is his ball skills. He has this unbelievable ability to catch and to track the deep ball like I've never seen before in a kid his age. Just go watch his tape, he can track the deep ball, he has blazing speed, he's faster than a lot of people give him credit for, and he's really quick. He reminds me of the Biletnikoff winner Ja'Marr Chase."

Q: Same question for Justin Robinson. As far as on the field goes, what can Georgia fans expect to see from Justin? Who Does he compare to? 

"Well first thing people will notice is his size. Justin is 6'4", right now as an 18 year old, he's 6'4" and I think he checked in at Georgia at 208. Justin is a long glider. So people don't really understand how fast he is because of his long strides. At either the Georgia camp or the Clemson camp he ran a 4.58 laser (40-yard dash). For a 6'4" 208 pound receiver that is movin'!  That is really movin' for a big kid and once he really gets into the strength and conditioning program, just watch out. He also had the ability to high-point footballs at an early age and now with him being 6'4" and with long arms, the 50-50 balls are going to be one of his specialties..... Also, he's a better route runner and understands routes. We've worked it hard for a few years now."

"I think his comparison is, I think his game is going to translate like Lawrence Cager's did this year. He's a big body kid, he's going to be able to create separation. But, if he don't create that much separation, he's still gonna be open, because he's a kid that can go up and high-point the ball and position his body to screen off defenders. So I can imagine him being used like how we used Lawrence Cager this past season."

Q: Having worked with these players so long, you've also gotten to know them as young men. What should people know about Jermaine and Justin off the field?

"One thing that everybody should know is they both come from good families. Both of these kids are kids that you're not going to have to worry about once you get your eyes off them. Once they leave the facility, they're not gonna be the kind that is going to go out and get in any trouble. They're gonna be kids, and they're gonna have fun, but they understand and what I have told them is, there is good fun and bad fun. So they're going to go out and have a good time but you're not going to have to worry about them being in The Red & Black the next morning."

Q: Even with all these great attributes and being fine young men. What do you think they'll need to overcome to play early at Georgia?

"Just understanding the speed of the game. One thing with Justin, is that he played at a single A private school in ELCA, which produces a lot of great players. But, he has enrolled early so he'll get adjusted the speed of the game quicker. I can't wait to see him in the spring, but just the speed of the game.... DB's are actually good here, so you have to use the technique... and really understand the playbook."

Q: I saw the Twitter exchange between yourself and Mecole Hardman. While watching George Pickens in the Sugar Bowl, you claimed that you'd soon be the 3rd best receiver in Georgia history and Mecole quickly replied something to the effect, who is the first if it ain't you? You graciously stated you believed it was AJ Green and Mecole quipped back, who holds all the records? Regardless of 1 & 2, just how good do you believe Pickens can be before he leaves Athens?

"George can be the best receiver (in history at Georgia) if he wants to. If he wants to be, and that has nothing to do with talent, that just has everything to do with him maturing a person, as a man, as a young player. If he continues to work, be humble, continues just to keep his head down... That kid can be anything he wants to be! You just look at him, he's big, he's fast, he can catch and he's got everything you're looking for in a receiver.

Q: Safe to say, in the next year or so that you may not be THE ONLY GEORGIA RECEIVER to ever have 1000 yards in a season?

"I can predict before he leaves, he will have a 1000 yard season."

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