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“Coach Cochran is currently dealing with health issues and is taking time to prioritize his mental health and well-being," Bulldog head coach Kirby Smart said in a statement released via UGA Sports Information. "We fully support him as he takes this time to focus on his well-being.” 

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3 hours ago, VA F.O. said:

For the time being at least, Muschamp has been promoted to on field coach.

No word on what his exact responsibilities will be or on if the responsibilities of other coaches may change.

My best guess is Muschamp will help mostly at different position groups on defense and have the special teams be handled by multiple coaches 

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8 hours ago, VA F.O. said:

Ummm, sooo yeah, Cochran not on staff anymore K

Let the wild speculation begin!


SoFl not giving any specifics, but sounds like it's an issue with *how* Cochran copes with stress... (best guess here would have been some kind of substance issue, which tracks with a lot of the speculation running right now). The bigger storyline in his comments have been that the stress/pressure is a recurring theme about the culture, so while not an immediate "season" problem, it is something that Kirby and the UGA AD need to get under control or it's going to be a lot harder going forward.

In any regard, I hope that Cochran and his family are able to get to a point where things are better. Bigger **** out there than football. 

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