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D'Wan Mathis gets clearance to participate fully.... https://uga.rivals.com/news/d-wan-mathis-gets-clearance-to-play?fbclid=IwAR3BOqCVe9fbKRX1iYGQEwuFHr0IK09mR3lfQMrNLfgU-W7DaI4m1idd9ms


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As promised, I finally got time to go through the SEC schools expenses and revenues for the most recent available year, 2018. This data was off of a US Dept of Education website. I think the results will be shocking for UGA fans or maybe not. I was going to put the most recent performance of the sports, but most of us know how they are doing with most of them mediocre at best, some are winning in spite of the lack of funding. Also, typically in the revenue sports, the revenue follows the expenses, In other words, if you are in the top 2-3 in spending, then you will have a correlating revenue. Most sports for most schools outside of football, MBB and Baseball all lose money, but if you are going to lose money then at least have a decent team. It seems that on many sports, UGA's philosophy is too spend the bare minimum to field a team and hope that they somehow are competitive. This information also makes me more sympathetic to some of our coaches, such as MBB, WBB and softball in particular who have caught a lot of criticism for their team's performances, but who are actually doing pretty well based on their lack of funding. Rankings for expenses and revenue are out of 14 teams unless noted:

Football   Exp 2nd Rev 1st
MBB       Exp 13th Rev 12th
WBB       Exp 12th Rev 8th
MTennis Exp 7th Rev 8th out of 13 teams
WTennis Exp 7th Rev 9th
Gymn     Exp 4th Rev 2nd out of 8 teams
MGolf     Exp 9th, Rev 9th
WGolf    Exp. 10th Rev 11th
VolleyB  Exp 12th, Rev 11th out of 13 teams
Eques    Exp 2nd Rev 4th out of 4 teams
WSocc  Exp 14th Rev 13th
MTF      Exp 7th No revenue reported out of 13 teams
WTH      Exp 11th No revenue reported
MSwim Exp 7th Rev 4th out of 10 teams
WSwim Exp 7th Rev 6th out of 11 teams
Baseball Exp 13th Rev 10th
Softball Exp 13th Rev 13th out of 13 team

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1 hour ago, Brewyerown said:

Major Burns has left the team. 

Was expected for the last few days. He's mad he isn't a starter coming out of spring ball. The portal giveth, in the name of Tykee Smith, and then the portal taketh away in a resulting player getting knocked down in the pecking order. It's a mistake because he would be in line for extensive playing time anyway most likely, and definitely next year. But it is what it is. 

Daran Branch probably won't be far behind him too. He was already talked out of leaving the team last year, so obviously he's never been that bought in at Athens. 

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The amount of tampering being done is ridiculous.  However you can't prove jack because they are using backward channels.  The Ohio State mod talked about it with a player they picked up.  He basically said yes i believe Ryan Day was recruiting a player not in the portal through back channels (friends, coaches of said player), but that isn't illegal.  He is right that isn't illegal and even if it was try proving it.  

It makes zero sense for Burns to transfer.. Branch is giving up football so that is understandable.. He was never all in. 

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Ex-Hawai'i record-setting QB Colt Brennan dead at 37

Sugar Bowl 2007, we put the whuppin' on him and Hawaii. Wasn't that the year that Kirk Herbstreit said if you didn't win your division you shouldn't be the national champ? Changed his tune years later when OSU was involved in the same thing .


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