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On 2/24/2021 at 1:53 PM, fuego said:

Anybody subscribed to see where GA ranks?

College football's top 25 future quarterback power rankings



6. Georgia Bulldogs
2020 ranking: 11
Returning starter: JT Daniels (partial)

Scouting the Bulldogs: Projecting Georgia's quarterback outlook is one of the trickiest and most significant parts of this annual exercise. The Bulldogs clearly haven't made the same jump at quarterback as some of their regional competitors (Alabama, Florida, Clemson, briefly LSU). But there's enough evidence to be genuinely optimistic about the position during the next three seasons. Coordinator Todd Monken has provided an upgrade, and his offense surged once Daniels returned from a knee injury. Daniels passed for 1,231 yards with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions during Georgia's final four games of 2020, as he completed 67.2% of his attempts and averaged more than 10 yards per completion. Daniels is a redshirt junior, but he likely would head to the NFL with a strong 2021 season.

If Daniels departs, Georgia is well positioned through recruiting. The Bulldogs signed ESPN 300 quarterback Carson Beck in 2020, and flipped Oklahoma commit Brock Vandagriff, whom ESPN rates as the No. 6 pocket passer and No. 37 overall player in the 2021 class. Georgia also has a commitment from Gunner Stockton, ESPN's No. 41 overall junior prospect.


It's a hilarious joke UGA is that low. Behind Oklahoma, Clemson, USC, Bama, and Ohio St. There is no future QB situation in the country I'd trade places with as long as Gunner sticks with his commitment. 

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3 hours ago, RandomFan said:


It's a hilarious joke UGA is that low. Behind Oklahoma, Clemson, USC, Bama, and Ohio St. There is no future QB situation in the country I'd trade places with as long as Gunner sticks with his commitment. 


Oklahoma, Clemson, and Ohio State don't have a "future QB situation"? I'll take that bet.

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18 hours ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

Bama or Clemson I think. One of em must’ve made An offer he couldn’t refuse lol. Mo 

Kid has some personal issues going on. We'll see if he can get things straightened out.

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Dell McGee preaches selfless culture among Georgia RBs

ByJAKE ROWE 12 minutes ago
Georgia has had stars at the running back position since Dell McGee was hired to lead that group in 2016. The Bulldogs have amassed six 1,000-yard seasons with Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, D'Andre Swift, and Elijah Holyfield pitching in.

But it has always been more of a by-committee approach. Even when Chubb and Michel each posted more than 1,200 yards in 2017, Swift had over 600 of his own while Holyfield and Brian Herrien each had over 250. UGA has had as many as four running backs carry the football during meaningful action since Kirby Smart and McGee arrived in Athens.

That may be frustrating for some ball carriers, especially those who like to get lathered up and think of themselves as the kind of players who get better as the game goes on. Being labeled as a workhorse was one of the highest compliments a tailback could receive for decades. Almost anyone who play the position will tote the rock as many times as they're asked.

McGee, like every other coach in America, respects that but he's also of the belief that players have to be willing to step to the side and let their talented teammates do their part. He expects more than just a basic willingness.

“We preach that from day one because we want our players to embrace the grind but also love one another, whether you’re the star on Saturday or the walk-on that has to give the look to the defense," McGee told reporters earlier this week via Zoom."That is something that has always been a part of my philosophy dealing with players is that we’re all in this together and it takes a commitment from the entire room to not be jealous, to look outside of yourself, to learn and promote one another."

The Bulldog ball carriers embraced that dynamic in 2020. Zamir White was UGA's feature back, carrying the football 97 more times than the next closest running back. He was also the only experienced runner who stayed healthy throughout the year. Four other runners -- James Cook, Kenny McIntosh, Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards -- posted at least 35 carries on the season.

White had double-digit carries in all but one game, Florida, in 2020. He piled up 779 yards and 11 scores while rarely touching the football during mop-up duty. Way more often than not, when he crossed the goal line, a fellow running back was either there to equal his celebration either in the end zone or once he got to the side line. When Cook or McIntosh did the same, White reciprocated. When Edwards scored his first career touchdown to put the exclamation point on 103-yard showing at Missouri, the whole team, including the running back group, went bananas.

That attitude is good for culture. It's good for morale. It's what a coach wants to see, but there's more of a practical element as well. Each Bulldog running back has their own strengths and weaknesses. White is a bruiser. Cook is a big-play slasher. McIntosh is elusive. Milton bounces off tacklers and rarely goes down upon first contact. Edwards seems to always find running room and is tough to bring down in space.

Putting those strengths to use in the right situations is something McGee believes in. That's not so easy if the camaraderie is absent. He wants his running backs to work hard, earn their roles, and accept them when the time comes. That means watching a fellow running back trot out onto the field in a key situation when they may clamoring for the chance. 

If that sounds easier said than done, that's because it is. But it's a dynamic that absolutely exists among the Bulldog ball carriers. 

"I have seen the camaraderie first hand," Kendall Milton's father, Chris, told Dawgs247. "The way they embrace each other and rally for each other is like a brotherhood. That’s evident with the emotion that they show for each other’s success and the way that they hold each other accountable."

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4 hours ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

Stokes 4.28 forty time? I didn’t think he was that fast? I saw where he was projected as far as the 3rd round the other day? Can’t see how he makes it out of the first round now?? 

Yeah I was hoping he would fall to the Falcons' rd 2 pick, but a sub 4.3 pretty much sticks a fork in that dream.

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4 hours ago, AutumnEffect said:

Yeah I was hoping he would fall to the Falcons' rd 2 pick, but a sub 4.3 pretty much sticks a fork in that dream.

yeah he could very well go 1st round IMO with that speed.. he has it all and should be a 1st rounder. 

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Yesterday at 3:24 PM

Wind assisted and hearing he was 4.38 at UGA. So either the training has been crazy or could be slightly off. Either way this is the speed that will secure the bag.

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