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Record predictions for this season

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I always base my season record predictions on a 3-3 split in the division. This is mostly because division games are always close, and the NFL South is notorious for "worst to first" scenarios. Anything can happen and this isn't the AFC East or North where you have a well defined hierarchy.

That being said, the years when the Falcons do well and surprise me are usually the years where we are above .500 in the division.

Looking at the schedule this year, I'm calling us in the playoffs at 10-6 or 11-5. Once in the playoffs, I think this team has enough experience where *anything* is possible. I DO think our next Super Bowl trip will be a victory if we get that far. But there are a lot of good young emerging NFC teams in our way.

The two key games are our week 7 matchup in MBS with the Rams, and our late trip to San Fran. These are also the ones I'm flip-flopping on. I'm hoping we can get more of a homefield advantag as MBS starts to mature, but I've seen no signs of that to date. Frankly, it's been like a morgue in there. And anytime you travel out west, especially late season, it's a disruption. 

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if there’s any team that I’m not afraid of it’s the 49ers. Jimmy G has no one who he can count on outside of Kittle unless they signed someone that I missed. Not saying that they can’t demolish the Falcons but I’ve yet to see what the hype is about over there. 

Outside of Donald and Talib, the Rams D is extremely suspect but their O should be legit with or without Gurley. The AFC South is the division to worry about. The Eagles and Seahawks will be a great test. 

Not gonna guess the record but .500 or better is doable. 

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9-7 or 10-6 at best. This is a hard schedule. Everyone in the division will be better this year except for the aint's who will still be good. I'd be pretty surprised if we made the playoffs this year tbh unless Dan Quinn calling the defensive playcalls really changes it up that much and we get back to a top 10 defense. And that's assuming good health, any kind of injury problems like last year and we're 7-9 again at the very best

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