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Marlins @ Braves

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It's great when Donaldson homers to the opposite field, but it's that much better when a 33-year-old man earning $23 million has a hustle double on a blooper. That dude ALWAYS comes to play.

Great shot. If I’m Charlie that’s going to be somewhere in my home lol. 

And the best bullpen ERA in the NL belongs to.... your Atlanta Braves!

2 minutes ago, Black Francis said:

I get you now. Know what you mean but your last post was random as heck in a game thread lol. To me it read like the Phillies we’re down 6-7. Apparently I wasn’t alone. 

The Philthies don't play the Mets until later tonight, so my post made perfect sense.

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2 minutes ago, vietlanta said:

I don't know but maybe the catcher, Flowers, have a say in how good a pitcher is. I'm interested to know how McCann will do with fried and the other young pitchers 

Me and FalconFan567 have already had that discussion lol 567 did the homework and the stats show he is much better with BMac

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