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Visiting From The UK

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Afternoon Everyone,

This is my first message on a Falcon's forum!

Me and a friend are coming to watch the Eagles/Falcons game on 15th of September and I was hoping some of you guys could help us out with some info!

We have a VIP tour booked in on the day but what time do the tail gates and all the good stuff start?

We are over across your way for 10 days from the 12th September and we are looking for things to do and bars/pubs and interesting places to go, and have a drink etc!

I am really looking forward to coming over and watching the game as we both play in the British American Football League over here, I can't wait to see your stadium and hopefully meet some of you guys!



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Doors open 2 hours before the game. I’d recommend getting there at that time since it’s your first game at the Benz. You’re gonna want to look around inside, it’s pretty wild. If you have club level seats you get access to the field level stuff. 

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