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2019 Cinderella Teams

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On 6/29/2019 at 2:26 PM, interstate40 said:

Other than the Browns, who appears to be some Cinderella teams in the League.

To me the Browns aren’t a Cinderella Team....the Browns are talented enough to meet their expectations and shouldn’t surprise by winning 10 or more gms. 

49ers could win 10 + gms

The Bills could surprise and win 10 gms. 

The Bucs, Panthers, Titans, Lions, Jets,  Jags, could surprise 

To me the Falcons could win 10-12 gms but they shouldn’t qualify as a Cinderella team because we are loaded on offensive and are pretty decent D.

Who thought the Bears would win the NFC North last year at 12-4 and the Colts winning 10 gms????

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