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Braves @ Mets


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1 minute ago, Unkn0wn said:

Ozzie is #3 on the team. Statcast clocks Acuna at 29.2 MPH, Swanson at 28.9, Albies at 28.5, Culberson 28.1.

Wow. I guess looks are deceiving. Ozzie just looks like he is flying when he is running the bases. I never would have guessed that Charlie was almost as fast as him.

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1 minute ago, Dirty South Bird said:

That has to be frustrating to bet a Mets fan, or at least a Mets starter...  All of that pitching and they're still so bad.  Maybe we can rescue one or two of their starters.  :lol:

Man i would hand over our entire farm system for DeGrom lol

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