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Braves @ Cubs


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@Malachore Chip and Joe are explaining exactly what any rational person would tell you. If Nick Markakis catches the ball in RF then you've got 2 outs and nobody on in the 5th inning. Rizzo hit a bloop double and then Russell grounded out. That's an inning with 0 runs allowed. But instead all those runs happened all because Markakis dropped the ball. Then you look at Flowers allowing a run to score in the 4th inning. Realistically Wilson didn't pitch bad at all. Without those 5 runs scoring the Braves take a 6-3 lead to the 6th inning. Then there's no *****ing about him blowing a 5-run lead. But you don't think like that. You don't see the what if's because you just want to ***** and moan and say "this guy is trash!!!!!"

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