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8 hours ago, Troubled said:

I live in a apartment building with 5 units we have a water leak but cant find the pipe leading into my apt. we dug a 6 ft wide 40 inches deep in front of our apartments and no sign of a pipe tia for any help

check near the water meter

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Guest Regular Guy

If the water meter can be found then so can the water line. If it's metal, it can be charged with electricity (12v) and can be found easily with a utility locator. If it's a plastic water line, it will have to be cut and a fish tape ran through it and then the fishtape will need to be charged and found in the same manor as a metal pipe. Alternately (and harder) you find the meter and dig up the existing pipe and follow it.

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15 hours ago, biloxifalcon said:

I'd call the city water department (for a meter reading) and landlord.


14 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

You live there, call the landlord, it's his problem, not yours.  The water authorities can shut the main off until it's fixed. 

I wouldn't touch anything else since you don't own the property. 

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