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Do you think the new pass interference replay rules will help us or hurt us?

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How do you feel about this new rule? Do you think it will help us or hurt us? Do you think our secondary gets away with a lot of pass interference? This should help Julio Jones but they can go after offensive pass interference also. Are there any other teams besides the Falcons who you think will be effected positively or negatively by this new rule? Your thoughts?

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It’ll help the Saints, this rule was for them and they will benefit first and foremost from it, especially when we play them.

It will **** Julio for sure. I think it will hurt Trufant who is every bit as grabby as Alford but has gotten away with it for a long time due to the guy on the opposite side of the field attracting more attention

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24 minutes ago, PokerSteve said:

It's hard to imagine the Falcons getting any worse treatment on either side of PI calls, but with the Clown Shoe zebras the league has you gotta be concerned.

I'm more concerned it'll hurt our WR group on OPI than the other way around. Already mentioned above, but we seem to get an extraordinary amount of penalties that seem to keep drives going for whomever the opponent of the week is


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