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We need a pre-screening. Have them spell "shovel pass."  If they say "shuffle" or "shuttle" they must go to re-education camp in order to have their membership approved.

I nominate @gazoo and  @FalconFanSince1970 sheer entertainment value

Mods please help these people and get them in here. Seeing the same 3-4 people posting in every thread has gotten old. Need some new and hopefully real opinions

17 hours ago, Falconsin2012 said:

People won’t like me anymore.  Who am I kidding, they rarely have

Do what I do, take it as a clear sign you're way cooler than all the little haters and they're just jealous.



And also, welcome to the forum cam-marino. You're just in time to watch the Falcons win their first SB this season. No, I'm not kidding. Delirious maybe, crazy certainly, but I ain't kidding!

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20 hours ago, RING OF HONOR said:

The systems been down a while...its taking a bit longer for background and credit checks to get back

One of the lead squirrels slipped and fell off the conveyor belt connected to the hard drive. Must've hurt his hamstring or things would be back up and running by now.

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22 hours ago, Monoxide said:

I promise you it’s not. I just double checked. I’ll try to post a screenshot.

It’s what happened to my girl.  I tested it too with same results.  After verifying account via email, your login was prevented and it said she had to use the forum as a guest until approved.

What is odd is could not post until yesterday.  But it shows her join date as May 1st. 

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On 6/22/2019 at 0:01 PM, ya_boi_j said:

We got part time mods around these parts. I don’t think any are full time posters anymore. Might be time for another shake up


@PK Manley




For real. I had a hard time getting  back on a few years back when i lost my password. I finally got a hold of Sac and he hooked me back up.

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On 6/24/2019 at 8:56 AM, Monoxide said:

I’ll email the board IT person. It’s not on our side of it though, and I know for a fact it isn’t happening to everybody.

Yeah,  it's not the admin: a few months back I had to reach out to the software company to contact ATL Falcons IT because RECAPTCHA wasn't setup right and did not allow you to register or submit for IT help or anything... They reached back out and confirmed it fixed and then the "proceed as guest until approved" started showing. 

I thought my account was being ignored because I got someone in trouble or fired lol. 

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14 minutes ago, Falconsin2012 said:

Why don’t yall add 2 more mod’s.  I don’t know what the rules or regulations are behind bringing more on, but I think there are a few on here that are objective and could do a solid job

@Schwarzwald would be very solid.  Same with @Osiruz

Respectfully, I would decline, but flattered all the same.

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