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We need a pre-screening. Have them spell "shovel pass."  If they say "shuffle" or "shuttle" they must go to re-education camp in order to have their membership approved.

I nominate @gazoo and  @FalconFanSince1970 sheer entertainment value

Mods please help these people and get them in here. Seeing the same 3-4 people posting in every thread has gotten old. Need some new and hopefully real opinions

12 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

These newer people don’t even know what a debate is. Barely have a personal opinion that they actually came up with.  They just ramble on and on for hours. 

Just repeating media and not understanding that media is all entertainment 

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6 hours ago, Falconsin2012 said:

Let’s manufacture a fight to see how quick they come running

Here we go...Ryan is a product of the system and Rico sucks assss.  Nice block in the SB, Free.  And Quinn, they should have promoted Shanny and relegated you to DC

Voluntary OTA’s? That’s when titles are won or lost...

And for good measure, I believe in evolution and am pro-gun.

See everyone around Christmas

there aren't enough emojis to do this one justice  :lol:







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3 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

He won the job when he was drafted.

How can he possibly win the job in OTA's when you CANT EVEN TOUCH EACH OTHER.

because the coaches already foresee the NFL becoming flag football?? 


which I probably agree with, but I'll have to get back on that in a minute. I've got a thread to continue derailing here


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2 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Yeah bro. I believe at least three of em banned me. For nothin.

man that sucks! do a better job next time and get 4 for 4!




Love ya my brother who needs rest! some of these short timers have no idea what us long timers have been through do they


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11 minutes ago, Falconsin2012 said:


Not sure how I got the label board snitch, but whatever, I’ll give it a try.  Call me Mr. Hall Monitor


It was a joke.


I hope no one actually took it seriously lol.


I was just giving you a role in my dictatorship. No past history of your posting on this board has ever shown me that you were ever a snitch. I actually enjoy your posts, especially over in Talk About The Hawks.

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