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Happy Father's Day

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Thanks fellas and a happy Father’s Day to y’all as well. I nearly lost mine this year to a massive heart attack at ab 3 am in January. He called me but my phone was on silent. When I didn’t answer he called an ambulance and they came and got him. The defibrillator was used 4 times and they brought my dad back to life. Went into immediate surgery and after a few scary days in the hospital he was released. Had I answered my phone I would’ve went to get him myself and the doctor told me he would’ve died right next to me in the front seat of my car. After the incident my father has not smoked since and has changed his diet completely. He exercises regularly and is in fantastic shape. The Lord works in mysterious ways but I’m glad he let me have my father and my kids have their grandfather at least one more year! Growing up my dad was all I had so this Father’s Day is kind of special to me cuz I know it could’ve been a very sad day for me. I’ll wrap this up by saying make the day count! Call your fathers and if you don’t have one call your mother or brother or sister. You never know what tomorrow brings. Have a great day y’all! 

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