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ike barn87987

I think the writing is on the wall for Tru and Rico

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30 minutes ago, takeitdown said:

Yeah, I'm actually for aggressiveness.  Wish our D were more aggressive.  But I'm for aggressive any time it's still in question.  Once you can win the game with near certainty, all bets are off.

What they did was equivalent to being down by 2 from the 10 yard line with 4 seconds left and doing a fake field goal instead of a field goal.  It's aggressive but in just a wrongheaded sort of way.

We both largely agree.  I was just saying even that earlier 3rd and 1 the smart play was a flare out to devonta...but I didn't mind going for the backbreaker deep play...cause that's who we were.

I totally agree. But even during the season we were hitting big pass plays on 3rd and 1. Even tho the safe easy play was a run or short flare out. But that’s also what made Kyle a genius. He would call a long play on a down and distance the obvious play would be something short. 

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4 hours ago, GeorgiaBoyz said:

This is why DQ won’t lead us to a victory in the promise land . He’s isn’t a thinker whatsoever . If everything clicks in his favor he can ride Matt & the defense to enough wins to make the playoff & reel off a couple wins but that isn’t special what makes a coach special . Any coach can do that when the stars are aligned .. it takes a special kind of coach to blow 28-3 . 

Do you think he’d blow 28-3 if it happened again?  If not, then he have a SB quality HC

People love to bash him for blowing 28-3...and with good reason.  But at least credit him for a brilliant gameplan that took a 28-3 lead

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