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What's the thing Quinn needs Beasley to work on

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1 hour ago, GrimeyKidd said:

Man I hope the entire DL works on a counter move. No one has one except clayborn. So im expecting the entire DL to step up

It’s got to be on a spin move...or effectively transitioning speed to power once he wins the edge.  So often he wins the edge and still lets the slightest contact from the RT cause him to barely miss a sack

He easily could have had 10 sacks last year.  Easily.

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Quinn needs to work on some counter moves with him. He gets stymied or put on his *** when he gets going, then slows down in order to change direction. He's not big enough to run through linemen bigger than him.

Beasley needs to be taught a counter move that doesn't change his momentum and maximizes his speed ala Dwight Freeney.


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I think Vic needs to game plan more. I think after his 15.5 season the switch to LB gave him an excuse to not study as much. 

I'm not disappointed in him but I think he is better than what he has put on the field 2 years in a row.he needs to study his opponent and attack his weakness. It on him to make 100 million and change his family's future. 

I know he wants it, i think like Vic7 he feels he has natural talent and has not had to put in the extra work. 

He needs it and it shows on the field. I'll give him the pass the LBer year and last year with all the injuries and talent in the middle. But he has got to do it. It's like a last chance, like a serious last chance

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