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Do you think the Falcons will sign defensive end Allen Bailey?

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3 minutes ago, Knight of God said:

This move would put this defense over the top. Consistency is the key here and he’s not been used the way he should be. Yes some fan favorites would lose snaps, but we would win just that one or two extra games.

I liked him when I read we were giving him a look and checked his bio. Now with your endorsement I really want us to sign this guy. Bring'em home, TD!

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I think we will. I know many times we pass on players we think should be signed but every now and then we sign players that we didn’t think we’d sign. Mack, Sanu, Poe, Irvin, Freeney. When it makes sense we usually pull the trigger. I think it will come down to if he can accept being part of a rotation and having a specific role. If he’s cool with that like Poe was then it will happen. Fingers crossed. 

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3 hours ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

We.want to  but we cant afford him. Hes gonna get 6-8/m per,  and coming off.a.career year hes not.signing a one year deal. We just cant afford a multi year deal for that kind of scratch. Maybe we spent too much on.OL this offseason?

Who do you think we can afford?

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