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Hawks interested in resigning Dewayne Dedmon


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Atlanta Hawks reportedly interested in re-signing Dewayne Dedmon to short-term contract

Shams Charania of The Athletic shared some interesting reporting on Tuesday afternoon, and it centers on the potential of Dewayne Dedmon returning to Atlanta. Charania brings word that the Hawks have “interest in potentially re-signing” the free agent big man and he notes that the structure could be a “balloon one-year deal” or a “shorter-term contract” modeled after the previous two-year pact with Dedmon that expires at the end of June. 

Elsewhere, Charania also reports that Atlanta “could be a destination for contract dumps” over the summer, foreshadowing what both Travis Schlenk and Lloyd Pierce have said concerning the team’s aversion to “skipping steps.” In short, that would lead to the Hawks taking on poor salary in exchange for future-facing assets, indicating that the team will continue its slow-burn approach to rebuilding. If that was the plan, the need for “max cap space” would be diminished, further illustrating the potential path for Dedmon’s return.



I'm ok with this. Nothing like rushing a rebuild by overpaying midlevel FAs big money on long contracts and plunge the team into caphell by the time the core players are be ready.


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