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Visitor from Christchurch New Zealand looking for advice

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I am a Falcons fan from Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been following the team for about 15 years but have never made it to the US.

My GF and I are going to be in the States this December. Starting in New Orleans (we both like Jazz so this stop is a conflict of interest for me!) and driving north to NYC over the month we are there.

Unfortunately, when we booked our trip, the schedule had not been released. As it turns out we were banking on week 15 being a home game (we are in ATL that weekend), the only other (regular season) home game we can possibly attend is Week 16 vs JAX on 12/22. But that will mean fly-in-fly-out gameday from NYC. All ending up being a pretty expensive exercise.

So my questions are;

1) Should I buy tickets now or are they likely to get cheaper closer to the time, days before the game? Do any season ticket holders have any advice or willing to exchange?

2) I'm happy just to attend a falcons game and to be at the stadium. Are there any large issues with the cheaper seating areas?

3) What Falcons related things CAN we do if we visit when no games are on i.e. stadium tour? What is a good place to watch away games from? Other tourist recommendations?

4) THE MIRACLE: Is anyone from the Falcons PR team lurking here that wants to do a feature about some guy traveling all the way from NZ to watch a falcons game but screwing up the dates?!!?

Thanks in advance.

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