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Expectations of our birds

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Probably very few people expect the Falcons to be worse this season than the 7-9 record they posted last year with all the injuries and untested rookies on defense. The huge question is how much better will they actually be? And we won't know that or even have much of an idea until around mid-season, if even then.

My belief is with the additions to the OL and some better players now on our DL, we should be no worse than 9-7, 10-6. If everything gels and Quinn gets the defense playing lights out, 11-5, 12-4 starts to sound realistic.

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We should win at least 8-9 gms. There’s a lot of questions with the right side of the OL,  will Free be healthy, is Oliver ready, is Rico 100%, can the DL stop the run and where will the sacks come from? Plus is our new kicker mentality ready to step in some big shoes??? Lots to prove and win 10 games in a loaded NFC. If we don’t win 10 and make the playoffs AB gunna clean house. I like most everything we’ve done in the offseason other than keeping VB for 12m and not acquiring a pass rusher. Keeping Vick and doing nothing to improve the pass rush and DL could be the difference of making the playoffs and or winning the SB. I don’t think we added the finishing touches to a championship team. A great gm would do  this. We’re close so close 

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We had a busted D last year and a terrible OC and still went 7 - 9.  Our D should be healthy even if one or two of the starters (Rico, Neal) take a few games to get back close to 100%.  The O will be better just because we have a real OC now and then you add in the draft pick-ups on the Oline and competition at that position group.  Plus our depth is much improved this year across the board.  There is no reason this team should win less than 10 games.  Looking at the schedule, I don't think it is unrealistic to say our low win probability should be 11 games.  I personally think we go 13 - 3 this year but that is the homer in me.

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