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June 2019 Recruiting Thread


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13 minutes ago, Bdawg58 said:

He’s a stud.. I think he will end ranked composite top 50. This potential OL class is unreal 

303 on 247

77 on Rivals; 66 on ESPN (Yeah I know)

Pretty big disparity there

Rivals is actually higher on him than Raym, by quite a bit too

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I may be alone here, but does it bother anyone else how dawg fans on the 247 board (and maybe on here, haven’t checked) refer to Florida as the “Gayturds”? It’s just a very lame insult - not clever or really even funny, it’s like something a child would come up with. I don’t even care that it mildly homophobic, it’s just really dumb, and I hate Florida as much as anyone. 

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1 hour ago, VA F.O. said:

In general sports fans are lame, dumb, and immature especially on the Internet 

Sports gives adults an excuse to pretend and act like they're kids again 

I wouldn't think about it too hard 


True but nobody thinks the things kids say to each other is appropriate either, haha.

Using homophobic slurs just sounds like they don't actually have any trash talk chops :lol:

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