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How would you feel if we signed Derrick Morgan for 3.5 million on a one year deal?

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56 minutes ago, AustFalcon said:

This would be wonderful. When you get these older pass rushers and give them a situation where they have less snaps and just get after the QB, it seems to go well. I'm thinking of guys like Freeney and Peppers.

Him and clayborn would be great.  

However vic would feed off of it and then want an insane contract.  Which wuinn would give.  And we would have the next sam baker on defense.  

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6 minutes ago, Byrdman242424 said:

Depends. Wasn't he a standing 3-4 OLB? Like Brian Orakpo used to be? I don't think he's a pure 4-3 DE. 


The Titians switching to 3-4 base defense a few years ago forced him to play 3-4 OLB.

He and Orakpo still played nickel DEs most snaps, so it really didn't matter. Morgan is best suited as a base LE in a 4-3.

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