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Preseason Magazines..

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Discuss.  which one have you bought and anything you found interesting in them?  one thing i will say is they had athlon's big guy on espnu radio lat week and he discussed fromm's stats against better defenses which actually isn't bad at all, but not good enough in their views to have him over tua.. however they pretty much ignored tua's horrible stats against better defenses and pretty much ignored that part of the discussion since it didn't fit their narrative. 

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got the athlon yesterday,


Dawgs getting some love but got us losing to clemson in the college semis in the fiesta bowl
Sec east champs and losing to bama in the title game but still making the playoffs after undefeated regular season.
Andrew pre season 1st team all american


swift and hot rod 2nd team AA
All SEC Swift, reed, and Thomas 1st as well as hot rod
Jake and Solomon 2nd team
Isiah Wilson and Jordan Davis 3rd team
Monty Rice 4th team

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