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How good do you think Quadree Ollison will be?

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Everyone already claiming our OL is better than our 2016 & 2017 OL is humorous.  Let’s see how they work as a unit

If the o-line doesn't continue to fold like a lawn chair, I can see him being an integral part of the offense for a minute. He's big, strong, fast and patient. He might be my favorite draft pick perso

Much closer to Snelling than SJax.

11 minutes ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

Honestly believe hes going to be our #1 back before this season is over.. And imo he has better hands than any back we've had in years.. Hes my guy im rolling with this season 

He will get snaps, but Free is primed for a Comeback Player of the Year kind of season

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Well yall already know I like him. He was the first late round big back on my radar. Switched to Ozigbo a few weeks before the draft. He went to the Aints as a UDFA. There's a lot I like about Ollison. Big back, with decent speed and good vision that can catch, block and play special teams. He reminds me most of Lawrence McCutcheon the five time pro bowler for the Rams in the 70s. I think his Falcon career could be somewhere between Jason Snelling and William Andrews. Both were swiss army knives that could do pretty much everything a HB/FB needs to do. Andrews at a super high level.

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