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Jamon Brown

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3 hours ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

To be fair, as long as he can block and stay healthy with no off the field issues, I don’t really care. 

Not like he is trying to date my daughter.

But this is good to know. :rolleyes:

i get it. there just arent many folks from our area giving back Its where i grew up live and work so i suppose its a little more personal.

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You always want high character guys on the team. Builds prestige, enhances the moral of teammates and also organizations arent just solely about playing football. Thats all some fans care about but it is dutiful to give back as someone who is able to. 

Proud of him and hope he can contribute on the field as much as he has/will off the field. 

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On 5/24/2019 at 8:06 AM, falcon1fan said:

Is a class act. I hope hes a falcon for a long time. I live in Louisville ky. Not only did he pay for the funeral of an infant, public pools this year arent able to open because of budget cuts, he donated 10k to help keep them open. There are a ton of kids in lower class neighborhoods who look forward to the pools in summer. If we contunue to take the few ways of recreation away from children they will find other uses of their time. Tyank you Mr. Brown for caring about our community.

As a person who grew up a poor kid with no father and really absolutely nothing to do with my summers, I can appreciate this.

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